MyPlanetYourPlanet(MPYP) is a dropshipping business based in the US, California. This Business is focused on eco-friendly products and helping the planet by selling and donating to organizations.

MPYP had a different category of products from Kitchen, Apparel into Beauty, and all are eco-friendly products.
Shopify site click below:
Featues of this Website:

A Video Section for Homepage where you can upload a any the video that customer want to see about your business, either Creative Video, Product Video, or Commercial Video.

A Customer Reviews for Product Page where your customer can leave reviews, comments, make ratings for the product/s they order

Other features/Characteristic of this website is the Currency Selector if the website/business is selling worldwide. Currency Selector can give customers the option to choose what currency they want to see on the website while browsing.

Slideshow on Homepage to showcase all your banner for this website.

Note: This is website is using Paid Theme Layout.

You have Online Business or Small Business and interested to have a website like this?

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